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/ Simple Pleasures /

Title: Simple Pleasures
Pairing: Eeteuk/Siwon
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: What makes you happy?
AN: YAAAY! First fic for my number one OTP!!!! Even if it's a drabble, whatever. I love WonTeuk to bits. The idea came when I saw a gif of Eeteuk smile and laugh and then he immediately turned to hug Siwon. :)

“Siwon and chocolates. That’s also happiness, isn’t it?” Eeteuk had once innocently blurted out to the interviewer, the bright cheerful smile still lingered at the corners of his lips.

The lady was taken aback at the spontaneity of the admission. Then she smiled back at Eeteuk, nodding obligingly back to the giddy young man. She was familiar with that glint in his eyes even if he didn’t know it.

The leader turned to watch Siwon climb out of the spring toy in the park and hopped a bit to regain his footing. A laugh burst out from Eeteuk and he hastily clamped a hand over his mouth to muffle his giggles. Siwon jogged closer to them and slung his hand around Eeteuk’s shoulder and in a mock-indignant tone said, “Teukie hyung! Are you laughing at me?” And this proceeded to make Eeteuk laugh even more. The woman smiled at their antics thinking, ah, youth; such a lovely thing to behold!

They both turned to her and asked if they were done for the day. The woman confirmed it and said it was alright for them to take their leave. Siwon still had his arm draped over a-still-giggly Eeteuk when a part of their conversation reached the interviewer’s ears; Siwon asked, “Can we go buy chocolates...please?”

With that, Eeteuk shifted a little and glanced at the woman, smiling a little. The woman nodded in understanding and winked.

“Hyung?” Siwon asked Eeteuk again, having not gotten the answer the first time around.

“Uhn,” Eeteuk nodded enthusiastically, “let’s do that.”

She turned around and gave Eeteuk a little wave as she walked away. She chuckled to herself as she thought about her last question to the leader.

What makes you happy?

Tags: fluff, super junior, wonteuk
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