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Title: Flirt [ 007 / 100 ]
Pairing: Yesung, Kibum
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Kibum reads a book on popularity and uses Yesung for practicing.
AN: This was inspired by the video of the Super Junior survey on who was the most popular and it turned out to be Kibum. It may be erroneous since this wasn't beta-ed. But, please enjoy anyway.

Kibum sat on a corner of their dormitory's living room, hunched and silently reading and flipping through a 1000 Ways on how to get Popular for Dummies book. He had a serious look on his face as he tried to digest and put in mind what the book was telling him.

"Rule no.395, Learn how to seduce and flirt with your audience...," he read to himself. Kibum frowned and placed his palm under his chin.

Now, how exactly does he flirt and seduce his audience? Did he have to be sexy and thrust his hips the way Hankyung did? Did he have to purse his lips and be all cute in a gorgeous sort of way like Heechul?

He shook his head gently and clicked his tongue. This was harder than he thought. He stood up, looked around, and grabbed the nearest person, which was unfortunately, on the other member's part, Yesung.

Kibum placed his hands on Yesung's shoulders and gave the other a tempting, playful smile. "Hyung..."

"Hello Kibum-sshi." Yesung greeted, tilting his head to one side, a gentle smile gracing his elegant features.

"So...Whatcha doing hyung?" the younger asked, the same sexy tone hanging on every word.

"Oh, I was just about to bring this glass of water to Heechul hyung."

Kibum looked at Yesung, then at the glass of water the other clasped tightly, and then back at Yesung again. He then held the back of the older's neck, pulling him closer. He brought up his other hand to cup Yesung’s face gently. Roughly, he placed his knee in between Yesung's legs and slowly rubbed the man’s member through his jeans, giving way for more skin contact.

"You're going to give that glass of water to Heechul?" What a good boy. I'm jealous," the younger said, huskily whispering the last word.

"Oh, do you want a glass of water too?" Yesung asked innocently.

The younger chuckled and looked down, making his eyes squint and go out, and then he flashed Yesung that cute, adorable, ear-to-ear grin o fhis. "Yesung, hyung, I'm flirting with you."

"You-- are?" the other asked, his eyes widening, and his face turning a bright crimson red.

Kibum laughed at the other's innocence. "Forget it," he said, letting go of Yesung. "Come on. Let's go get that glass of water to Heechul."

The younger then took hold of Yesung's hand and led the still red, embarassed member  towards the others, throwing the book he was reading in a nearby trash can. He didn't need to flirt or seduce anybody to become popular, anyway. He already was.

Title: Washing Machines [ 008 / 100 ]
Pairing: Siwon, Donghae
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: It's all about learning to share.
AN: This came out in the corner of my mind. It may be erroneous since it's unbeta-ed. Sorry. ^^;

“Siwon-sshi, you’re putting it in wrong,” Donghae remarked when he observed what Siwon was trying to do.

“Huh?” was the only response, with a blank stare to complete the look.

“The washing machine…it won’t fit in like that, Genius,” Donghae replied.

Siwon paused and finally took an actual look at what he was trying to accomplish and said, “Oh.” He grinned sheepishly and turned the washing machine to a certain angle and tried again. Unfortunately, he didn’t spare enough attention to notice that the amenity wouldn’t fit into that corner when pushed in that oblique manner.

Donghae snapped his finger in Siwon’s face to attract the his attention. Siwon instinctively turned towards the older again. “Siwon, focus! Washing machine; do not fit!”

“Ah!” he exclaimed and re-sorted it back again. Under Donghae’s supervision, Siwon’s attention did not get the chance to stray and the washing machine finally fit into that tricky, said corner.

“You're supposed to be smarter than me. But maybe you're already too smart to even do chores like this,” Donghae joked, huffing, and striding off in the direction of the door while showing a little exasperation with a disdained shake of his head.

Siwon turned back towards the other end of the room. He pouted petulantly. He cannot be blamed if his brain refused to function properly right now. His brain had decided that trivial matter such as spatial ability is only secondary in its importance as compared to the current thought occupying a majority of his brain now; and thus chose to focus on that instead. How can he not; when Donghae was there, stripped of his shirt and half-naked, showing all those tiny, hidden packs and that sexy body. He was lucky some part of his brain felt that keeping his heart beating (albeit at a highly accelerated rate) and breathing was also important.

So with that, Siwon astutely decided not to do any critical activities with Donghae around because Donghae had that effect on him and he refused to be held responsible for any possible repercussions.


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