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Title: Youth [ 004 / 100 ]
Pairing: Shindong, Siwon
Genre: Fluff, very slight angst
Rating: PG
Summary: "They were young and perfect and happy.
A/N: I don't know why, but somehow, writing this gave me a good feeling. Maybe becuse, in a way, it kind of relates to me and to all other people out there. :)

Back in the old days, there was a time when the sun was on its highest, spreading golden rays upon the earth, and all thirteen of them; they were young and perfect and happy, with no less than a care in this world. A time where people called them immature and foolish, but they didn't care, because all that mattered was their happiness and the bond that held the thirteen of them together.

Back in the old days, there was a time when the moon was in a perfect circle, shining in all its glory with the stars, shining for all thirteen of them. And even though midnight came, they were still walking in the train platform, hand in hand, beaming at each other. And the ticket man would look at them oddly and suspiciously, asking what thirteen boys were doing out so late at night. And they would look at each other with innocent, shy smiles (and Eeteuk would reply, "Nothing. Just, you know. Riding the train." ). And then they'd seat side by side, the younger ones lying down on the laps of the older children, and then the older ones would sing soft lullabies to them until they'd reach their destination. A time when all this became regular, that the trainman would sometimes await for midnight to see the gentle smiles playing on the lips of all thirteen boys, and then he'd smile back at them, because he knew that what they had was something special. Something the world didn't have.

Back in the old days, there was a time when all they though about was what games to play, where places to go next, and whether it'd be fun or not. A time where Heechul still wan't a pretty boy, Eeteuk didn't cry and wasn't as strong as he was now, and Siwon wasn't as tall as he was now and Shindong would carry him on his shoulders, giving Siwon piggy back rides.

A time where they were happy. Happy and free and beautiful.

But all that has changed now. As fast as the autumn leaves fall, so did their youth pass them by. They're all grown-up now. Like the wind that passes by and tangles Heechul's long, shiny black hair (his grown-up hairstyle), so did their youth go past them. Gone after the wind.

They're older now, and much more mature than they were back in those days. They're not allowed to have fun, to laugh without being told to, or to smile just because they want to. They're not allowed to cry, they're not allowed to feel sadness and pain, they're not allowed to weep and break down. They're not allowed to show their weaknesses to the world around them. All they should think about now was sacrifices, work, and more work. Because they're all grown-up now, and that was what grown-ups do.

Heechul is now a pretty boy, Eeteuk is now stronger than before, and Siwon is taller than the rest of them. But deep inside, their hearts are still unchanging. They're still the same as before, only a little different. Deep inside, Siwon still longs to be given piggy back rides by Shindong, Eeteuk longs to be a child once again, and the rest of them long to be silly and carefree and happy, really happy, without anyone telling them that what they were doing was stupid and nonsensical.

And as Shindong lived with the others in this grown-up world of theirs, he sorted through their possesions in one of their drawers, and he sees, in the middle of all the work stuff, all the grown-up things, is a ticket stub for a train. He doesn't need a second glance to remember where it came from. His eyes become watery as he remembers those memories of their childhood, of the games they played, and of the beauty they experienced.

Siwon then sees the look on Shindong's face, and the remembrance of their youth on his hand, and he feels, that he wants to go back.

"Do you want to go back, too?" Siwon asked the other, a sad smile on his face. Shindong looks at him, the same expression on his face, and nods. 

Then they take each other's hands, smile at one another, and then go back; back to the golden days of their youth.

( Shindong and Siwon walk together on the train platform, to the place they once knew as little children, hand in hand, because Siwon was already too tall for Shindong to give him rides on his back. But it was all right. They were happy. And even though it was only the two of them, it didn't matter, because the two of them were enough in the world, and they could bring their happiness back to the others. The trainman was still the same trainman who smiled at them warmly before, and he smiled at them once again, happy because the children he saw before was still alive in their hearts and they still had that one special thing that the world didn't have. It wasn't midnight, but it was still beautiful. And as they ride on the train, they look at each other beaming, because in a way, they could go back to the past; to the old, happy, golden days, without anyone telling them anything. And in this way, they are truly happy. )

Tags: angst, fluff, super junior
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