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Title: Freefall [ 002 / 100 ]
Pairing: Kangin, Ee Teuk
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Warning: Character Death. XD *evil laughs*
Summary: He wanted to fly. Wanted to with all his heart.
A/N: Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't like KangTeuk that much. I'm faithful to WonTeuk, my OTP. But then I thought, maybe I should write KangTeuk first so that I'll get over that soon. And so here it is! 

Falling in love is easy; it's finding someone to catch you is difficult.

He looks up into the beautiful skies, eyes full of sorrow and pain. He wanted to spread his wings. He wanted to fly. He wanted to fall in love. But he was afraid. Because no one was there to catch him.

He wanted to rise up into the heavens like the birds and the butterflies. But each time he tried, he'd fail; because no one was there to catch him.

He was broken. His wings were torn apart. His fragile heart, ripped into pieces. And yet he wanted to fly. Wanted it with all his heart. But he couldn't; because no one wanted to catch him. And knowing that only made his heart bleed and shatter more.




"I want to fly..,"

"You're crazy."

Am I?, he asked himself, his chest tightening that he couldn't breathe.

"Will you catch me?" he asked, receiving no answer from the other.

Shedding a silent tear, he left, bearing with the pain in his chest. Because no one wanted to catch him.


Ee Teuk sat against the wall, smiling at the birds and the butterflies, not turning his head when Kangin sat beside him.

"Aren't they beautiful?"

"What are?"

"The birds and the butterflies. They fly. And they don't need anyone to catch them if they fall," he replied gently.

Kangin looked up into the sky, refusing to see the beauty of the flying creatures and of the heavens.

"Have you ever fallen in love, Kangin?" the other asked after a few moments of silence, turning his head to look at Kangin.

"Loving is for fools."

"I love you. Does that make me a fool?" he asked sadly.

Silence. And Ee Teuk returned his gaze to the sky, tears forming behind his eyes. And then he wished that oblivion would fall upon him, wanting to disappear form the world.


Kangin opened the door to the outside, silently watching the other; at his failed attempts to fly on broken wings, and at even though he had fallen hard and had wounds all over him, he still continued trying. He watched the other try to fly and then fall, but then trying all over again. 

And then he closed the door, because it was too much to bear. Tears slid down his cheeks because he knew he couldn't help. He wanted to catch him. But he couldn't. He just couldn't.


Ee Teuk gazed at the skies and at the heavens, amazed and awed by their beauty. He wanted to fly. He wanted to go up into the heavens. 

He closed his eyes and opened his arms. Bruises, wounds, and blood covered his body, but still he wanted to believe. Believe he could rise up and leave the hurt and sorrow behind. Believe he could fly and travel through the universe. But just as he was about to fly, his breath was cut short, his whole body weakened, and he felt his chest tighten. He clutched his chest and tried to regain his balance, hoping the vertigo would soon pass away.


Kangin walked along the pathway, his heart filled with pain, hurt, and guilt. He hated himself. Hated himself so much. And all because he couldn't help him. 

Any thought process forming in his head halted to a stop the moment he lifted his head and saw the only person he ever cared about; the only person constantly haunting his thoughts and dreams: Ee Teuk. 

The other was clutching his chest, alone and trying to keep his balance, staring out into space. Sensing his presence, Ee Teuk turned instinctively. Kangin could see the other's glassy-eyed appearance as the older squinted and tried to focus.

"Kangin...I'm sorry...," Ee Teuk's eyes suddenly rolled back, and he let go of his chest. Kangin's senses were blaring in warning. And then he moved, faster than the speed of light; rushing forward for Ee Teuk's rapidly collapsing body.

He managed to get a hold of Ee Teuk just before his body could hit the ground. Kangin could hear his won heartbeat thudding so loudly i his ears; he thought he might be going deaf. His muscles felt like they were on fire, struggling with the dead weight. His whole body throbbed in pain from the sudden use of strength. His heart was hurting; like there was something dark and terrible curling its claws around it.

He slowly got on his knees, cradling Ee Teuk’s body. He looked so peaceful; his eyes closed, his gentle pale face glowing in the sun, not breathing. Kangin held on to Ee Teuk’s cold hand, squeezing it gently.

“Don’t leave me, Ee Teuk, please…Don’t die on me…I still want to catch you…I want to…I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, burying his face in Ee Teuk’s lifeless body.

“I didn’t catch you…I didn’t give you a chance to mend your broken wings. I’m sorry…please don’t leave me…,” he cried.

And yet the other couldn’t hear him. He was flying now; together with the birds, the butterflies, and the angels. He had left the world in all it’s sorrow, hurt, and pain. His wings were fully-developed and healed; and now he had the most beautiful ones in all the heavens. He was a new creation now; a new being; an angel.

The other sobbed heavily. The angel had flown away from him. And it hurt; more than he could ever imagine. Memories flood in his mind, making him sob more heart-wretchedly.




“I want to fly, like the butterflies and the birds of the sky.

I want to fly…

I want to fly.”



hahaha. character death so they'll never be together. I ish evil. XDD Comment pwease?
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